“Pasta for you, Pasta for me, Pasta for all!”  

What is it?

A chance to enjoy pasta prepared deliciously by Papa Bob!  Each month, we feature at least three pasta favorites in the colors of Italy:  one green, one white, and one red.

And just because...we always have small plates for those who aren't pasta lovers...or for those who are and just want more!


When is it?


The last Sunday of every month from 3:30 to 7:30. 


Sound great! Tell me more!

We'll have pasta nights on 11/24 and 12/29.  Reservations are appreciated for 11/24 and required for 12/29.

Menu for 11/24


  • Penne Katerina, which features our unique and delicious pistachio/basil/mint sauce ($11.95)

  • Sausage with Mustard Greens ($11.95)


  • Chicken and Sausage with Carbonara ($10.95)


  • Spaghetti and Meatballs ($9.95)


All entrees will be served with salad and bread.  Desserts, wine, beer, and other beverages are available for purchase.



The Shoppe at Herbs Spices and More / 7352 US Highway 14 Arena, Wisconsin / 608-753-9000

Photo credits:  Charlie Lemm, Bridget Roberts