Pizza on 14

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic,  Pizza on 14 has been cancelled for Summer 2020.

For the uninitiated, here's Pizza on 14, step by step: 

1.  Order your pizza ahead (not required, but recommended!) 

2.  Come to The Shoppe

3.  Go to the backyard (unless it's raining, then we'll be inside)

4.  Eat pizza and dessert, listen to music, relax. 

5.  Repeat each Tuesday until October (also not required, but recommended!) 

The slow, relaxed evening of outdoor dining is a truly special event each week. 

Our pizzas start with fresh handmade dough that we top with a variety of standard favorites plus some unique original combinations.  We cook it in our outdoor, wood-fired oven.  

Wait times vary but can be long on busy nights, so we suggest calling as early as possible to reserve your oven time (608-753-9000).

We're sorry, but we cannot accept credit cards at Pizza on 14.


Pizza on 14 menu







The Shoppe at Herbs Spices and More / 7352 US Highway 14 Arena, Wisconsin / 608-753-9000

Photo credits:  Charlie Lemm, Bridget Roberts