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Art in The Shoppe: Les Dorscheid


Join us to welcome Les to The Shoppe on June 24th from 1-4!

This is how he describes his passion:

"One can see the influence from my years of commercial illustration, in the composition, color and method of my oil landscapes. My Wisconsin landscapes are filled with rich earth and fall colors. The Arizona landscapes capture various large rock formations and vistas. I shoot numerous photographs on location. Then back in the studio, I compose, design and create studies and paintings based on my personal impressions, observations and experiences in addition to the photos from that location. The compositions are not meant to be a literal documentation of the landmarks and scenes, rather, they are my interpretations of the natural beauty and infinite variety of light, mood and atmosphere". 

"I love the buttery way oil paint can flow off a bristle brush, and how thick paint can be freshly stroked over and into thinner paint. I strive to create exciting and pleasing abstract brush work. Look closely at my paintings and you can see broken impressionistic passages of color and shape. Back away and you'll see the abstract brush strokes become realistic forms of trees, rock, and sky. One particular element that I love to explore with paint is atmospheric depth. As you step back, notice the separation from the foreground to the background created by value and color. Can you imagine walking through the landscape"?

Les was born, raised, and still resides in Wisconsin. He is married with two grown sons. His love of nature and hiking has inspired him to capture Wisconsin's wondrous seasonal beauty in his land and sky scapes. Travels to warmer climates have created interest and passion for the vastly differing land and sky scapes of the New Mexico and Arizona desert. Les received his formal training at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. As an illustrator for over thirty years, he has painted covers for books, comics and gaming. His career includes award winning work in the video game software industry as an art director and environmental artist. Throughout those years and regardless of client's schedules and deadlines, he would set aside time to paint landscapes. For the past few years he has immersed himself in landscape painting and now aspires to share his fine art with others.

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