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Art in The Shoppe: Jane Hanson

Opening Reception: May 12, 2-5

Jane Hanson was born in Milwaukee in 1945.  She always loved to draw.  In fact, she had her pencils confiscated in 2nd grade because the teacher wanted her to concentrate on the lesson.  In high school, she drew cartoons for the school paper and won the prestigious Helen Mears Award.  She earned her B.S. in art at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Art took a back seat to family, so other than Christmas cards and artwork for trophies for the Mendota Yacht Club, she stopped producing her beloved passion.  In 2002, at the urging of her husband and a dear friend, she started drawing again.  Influenced by her love of animals and an adventurous life with her husband, Bill, living on a trawler boat navigating the US Atlantic coast, Jane had no problem finding inspiration for her heartfelt craft.  Initially terrified of watercolor, she took lessons from Peg Ginsberg of Mt. Horeb and fell in love with the medium.  Jane currently works in watercolor, Prismacolor pencil, and pen and ink.  She now resides in a charming home in Arena, WI, along with her husband, their Labrador Jack, and Toby the cat.

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