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Art in The Shoppe: Dayvid Schultz

Statement from the artist:
It all started last year when Paul Zillgitt suddenly found a new career making amazing handcrafted rag paper.  Perfect for drawing.  Too perfect for my skill level at the time.  So I vowed to begin drawing every day; but what to draw?

Well, everybody owns hats and scarves.  We buy them out of necessity, or to support a team, or are given them by well-intentioned family members on birthdays and anniversaries.  Hats and scarves are an ubiquitous part of all our lives, here in Wisconsin and throughout the world.  This exhibition tries to match hats and scarves with faces.  Come judge for yourselves.

I have been "doing art" on and off for sixty years.  Self-taught, but inspired by many artists and art teachers; of particular note Dave Becker from Chicago's Palette and Chisel taught me balance and composition.  As of this June, Martha and I live happily retired on Jones Road outside of Spring Green.  Soon I will have the courage to draw on Paul's paper. 

Dayvid's statement for Hats and Scarves

Exhibit from August 27
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