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September 9:
4PeteSake Fundraiser Dinner

Join us on September 9th for a delicious dinner for a great cause!  Our five course dinner includes:


  • Prosciutto-wrapped melon

  • Green salad

  • Pasta ala Katerina

  • Choice of entree: Italian braised beef or Almond sesame nutloaf with mushroom sauce

  • Lemon creme with crabapple sauce.

The full $25 ticket price goes to 4PeteSake.  Wine, beer, and other beverages available for purchase. 

Call today to reserve your places for the 2 or 5 seating. 608-753-9000

We’re proud to continue to support the mission of 4PeteSake, which provides relief to distressed River Valley residents who face extraordinary financial needs and who are unable, through no fault of their own, to provide for themselves. 4PeteSake’s primary goal is to relieve financial stress so recipients can focus on healing. 4PeteSake funds fill in where insurance leaves off, such as providing income replacement to keep the lights and heat on and to take care of other basic household expenses. The committee may also become an advocate for recipients, helping them sort through the maze of services and fees, and making the dollars provided stretch even further.

To learn more about this important organization, see the 4PeteSake webpage

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